The goal is to create a website that offers health insurance plans for all federal employees and their families in the USA. The web portal is designed for three roles: insuree, customer service representative, and administrator. The project is still in progress.

List of Improvements

There are many small User-Centered Design features that can make a huge difference in the customer’s or employee's perception of any company.

  • Divided Customer Service bubble chats into smaller pieces for each section, thus it’s easier to read and follow
  • Relocated an unnoticeable “Go Back” button in the sub-navbar into a button near the end of the info input
  • Designed a warning banner and hardlock for things to be uploaded if something that they rely on is being adjusted
  • Removed side-scrolling option from grids to offer comfortability and avoid losing track between rows. Hid one column info inside another by hovering feature
  • Simplified tables after verifications (e.g. one column with all same row values was noted separately representing all rows together)
  • Added a “Last updated: [time] by [modifier]” note to all file names that can be adjusted or re-uploaded
  • Added an “Action Needed” banner to the page, where some uploaded files are dependent on another. When the head file changes, then any dependent file is locked and needs to be re-verified or re-uploaded
  • Made an option for a Customer Service agent to ask a caller’s name and number to avoid any name confusions and recover call disconnections
  • Combined all programs into one dropdown (Programs = Health, Vision, Dental) to make navbar simpler
  • Made an option for a parent row to show-hide and control its nested children permissions
  • Created a notification bar for a Customer Service representative to confirm that an email or message has been sent to a caller for authentication
  • Created a breadcrumb trail to keep track on what page the user is on

List of Potential Improvements

  • Create a form progress bar to see how much of the process remains until it’s 100% done
  • Autosave given user info to continue where stopped if a process happens to disconnect
  • Create a password confirmation input
  • Hover over abbreviation to reveal its meaning to save space
  • Send a note to the second verifier when updating, activating or inactivating a user/modifying user's status
  • Archive currently inactive users